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Rise (Then and Now)

My debut album “Rise” was recorded in fall of 2017. The project sat about 80% done for quite some time because, I was on tour non-stop and did not have the time to devote. Fast forward to some months ago, I was finally able to see the project to the end and decided to release it this coming May 15th. The emergence of the pandemic has definitely caused me to think about putting the release of the album on hold but, I’ve come to the conclusion that postponing the release would discredit what the word ‘’rise’’ means and what it means to me. When I wrote the title track, my purview was expanded and the desire to share something under my own name was birthed.- so I’m going to continue on as planned and share this album. “Rise” will be released on a label I started Open Book Records LLC ; a label that I intend to build on and continue to release future music on beyond “Rise”. The motto is “Emotionally Stimulating Music,’’ which is what the making of this album was about in 2017 & today. #EmotionallyStimulatingMusic #Rise

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